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2022 Review Eastbourne International

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“Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

After the horror of COVID 2020, and the limited 2021 event, this year’s Eastbourne International returned in full force, and it was a combination of heavenly tennis weather and fans who went above and beyond.

Last year’s event was akin to being 5-years old again and being told what to do ALL the time by a group of the workforce who, drunk on their sudden importance, take every opportunity to enforce their new power — and that was just the stewards! Any don’t think we were buying the ‘just doing because of COVID’ by that time. This year was a storming of the tennis barricades, and the fans just flooded through taking full control and making it an almost dream-like experience.

♿ Wheelchair Tennis

Congratulations to all players, staff and families involved in bringing such inspiration to Devonshire Park.

Singles final: World No.1 Diede de Groot won the inaugural Rothesay International women’s wheelchair singles title after beating Japan’s world No.2 Yui Kamiji 6–3, 6–2 in the first ever meeting between the two players on grass. 

Doubles final: Lucy Shuker’s hopes of ending the Rothesay International on a high were thwarted by top seeds Kamiji and Zhenzhen Zhu after the Japanese-Chinese partnership took the women’s doubles title 6–1, 6–1.

? ATP Tour

? for Order of Play on the Men’s Singles & Doubles matches. The official PDF from them was usually complete by 8pm BST. TU.

The men took Centre Court stage throughout the tournament and at times eclipsed the main draw — the women. A fantastic event and a great final with an embarrassingly good-looking Taylor Fritz acting as pin-up, role model and general giant of tennis — so many Instagram pics of him with fans that he probably only got home yesterday!

? Instagram

As a platform, it has matured and is now fully embraced by most of humanity, not just teenagers and their ilk. 97% of this year’s coverage came from the fans from Instagram in ways none could guess. We saw soooo much creativity, talent, passion… art, from the fans there.

? Losers


  • Bag & body searches: Nobody is going to blow up the tennis. This is just a ‘power’ excuse and is demeaning, degrading and a breach of privacy — all to watch a bat and ball game.
  • Tickets: Because we sold almost all the tickets for the LTA summer events thru our websites (£250,000+ pa at the lowest commission rate that can be set by you with your then-broker TicketFactory and is less than 1%) you decided to take it all in-house at huge cost and you unceremoniously drop TicketFactory who, compared to you, did a FANTASTIC job. You won, but you lost, and if you think we are here to deal with tickets inquires then u can stick that right up ur arse — especially as we don’t get paid and u r sat on ur fat arses rolling in the fan’s coin — u scum.
  • Gavin Fletcher: Are you intentionally anti-tennis and widely hated throughout the professional tennis community? Judging by the comments we got from players, coaches and training staff about you: Vile, malicious, a Captain Mannering-style person (“pompous, blustering figure with an overdeveloped sense of his importance”) it does leave question. For us, you have done nothing but try to destroy for over 11 years now, and look, behold, we are bigger than ever. Sleeping dogs will not lie.
  • Wheelchair Tennis: Where was the TV coverage? The social media coverage was spartan to say the least. No YouTube highlights, not even the Singles final. Better next year, pls.


Order of Play. Enough said…

?? Emma

The fan’s outcry over Raducanu’s ‘selling of her soul for 30 pieces of silver’ and the collected tennis industry rallying to say that it was perfectly normal for this young lady to spend almost EVERY minute doing some kind of marketing. BBC (Wimbledon rights remember, don’t wind up LTA, back them up no matter what) ran a story in response to the fan’s outcry and BBC interviewed her agent!

? Twitter

So desperate were we to leave their platform that it took our SocialAI quite a long time to come up with our exit. Twitter is Windows 98 of Social, and we hated it. We hated using it, we hated others stealing our work with retweets. The constant ads, the ‘trying to be TikTok’, and not being able to edit posts. FFS

It isn’t as bad a Facebook (Windows 3), but still. We pushed the Raducanu ‘sold her soul’ angle very very heavily on just Twitter. We called out Judy Murray, BBC and LTA for putting their financial interests ahead of Emma’s tennis career. The LTA -based Twitter accounts we had (sad-face-emoji) were suspended. LOL. RFOL. OMG RFOL … still RFOL…. breath.. too easy.

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