2011 Aegon International

Legend: ‘Li has a shot’



Martina Navratilova is looking forward to Wimbledon and picked a few of the aces that she thinks will win.

Navratilova believes that French Open champion Li Na could claim back-to-back majors at Roland Garros and Wimbledon, which was last achieved by Serena Williams in 2002.

“If Li Na can cope with all of the attention that I’m sure she’s getting now she’s got a good shot at Wimbledon, and she does well on grass.

“She won Birmingham last year and her game transfers well on every surface.

“Maria Sharapova’s the favourite, she’ll be ready. She loves the grass and she’ll be pretty confident after the French Open.

But it’s such an unknown with the Williams sisters, they could be in the final or they could go out in the second round because they haven’t played.

We’ll see how Serena’s hitting the ball when she comes out, but it’s like betting on a horse that you haven’t seen run yet.

Am I going to get in trouble that I compared Serena to a horse? She’s a thoroughbred, that’s for sure. If Serena wins, is it because she’s that good or is it because the rest of the field of women’s tennis is not so good? It would be a little bit of both!”

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